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Handwriting a Dying Art, Let’s Kill Truth Too

Purveyor of beauty Khoi Vinh laments the deteriorating state of his handwriting. I’ve noticed the same with my handwriting.  He and his readers draw the conclusion that beautiful writing is a casualty of technology.  I recently had a related insight, about technology’s impact on beauty in general. Tim Sneath recently helped the British Library digitize […]

Electric Light

AUX 88’s song Electric Light, (from Xeo-Genetic) is one of my favorite electro techno songs.  The intro starts with: “Momma told me there would be light at the end of the tunnel.  But she never told me it would be …” Then the chorus, “if you can see, what I can see, then you will […]

Dawkins is an Ass

Dawkins and Collins, two preeminent geneticists, are arguing God vs. Science.  I think Collins makes some flying leaps and panders slightly, but Dawkins is out of control.  He’s close to understanding the entire universe in his own mind.  I have a little parable from his own field of study to instruct those who care about […]

Frothy Bubble Chambers (the Tao of hot)

What do the following three recent phenomena have in common? Scoble lamenting the fact that it’s getting harder and harder for wannabe 2.0 stars to get noticed. Rose and Calcanis skirmishing over whether the taste-makers at Digg/Netscape should get paid in filthy lucre. NYT breathlessly reporting yet another centralized gambit to take over taste-making. All […]

Pope and Israel

Lebanon, the model of diversity, democracy and peaceful prosperity in the middle east; is being bombed to smithereens by Israel.  And Pope “I was NOT Hitler Youth!” Ratzinger says “Bad Israel!”.  Iran and Syria are licking their lips.  India and China are probably puzzled by all of the hooplah, but for everyone else in the […]

RSS from WCF

[via Doug] Who says that RSS and WS-* aren’t complementary?  Certainly not the Indigo (WCF) team.  Now that IE7 is making RSS consumption an afterthought for application developers, WCF is doing the same thing for RSS production.  The WCF RSS Toolkit “supports exposing a service as an RSS 2.0 feed, Atom 1.0 feed and SOAP […]