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Lies or Insights?

I’ve been reading close to one book a week for the past year, and have nearly achieved Buddha-hood.  I’ll be reviewing them all here eventually, now that I have a trusty C-Pen. But today I am for the first time thinking of ditching a book on my self-assigned list.  I just started reading “Space and Place: The […]

Idea Slaves

Aaron Clauset has a rambling post attempting to contrast science favorably with non-science.  The key defining difference is easy to sum up; science seeks to disconfirm.  The rest of his post talks about things that are shared by science and non-science alike. He does quote a useful little statement, which can be applied to the […]

Book Review: Saving the Appearances

I hadn’t heard of Owen Barfield before last month. Based on an interesting quote and a recommendation that he has a “unique epistemology”, I picked up a copy of “Saving the Appearances“, and just finished reading it. It turns out the book isn’t really an epistomology, but rather a treatise on the author’s opinions about […]

Book Review: The Art of Project Management

The Program Managerrole at Microsoft is not anything like the “Program Manager” role outside of Microsoft, and is not really the same as a “Project Manager” role at most places. Program Managers in product development are a mix of “Business Analyst” and “Project Manager”, with a few other things thrown in. For people familiar with […]

Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

I recently finished reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman. In this book, John Perkins writes about his career as a self-described?Economic Hitman?. Essentially, Perkins worked for a contracting company where he produced fraudulently inflated economic forecasts to justify large world bank and IMF loans to governments purchasing his company’s services. His company was the (erstwhile) […]

Windows “Brand” and Blogs

When I first read Ries’ ?22 Immutable Laws of Marketing?, I remember comparing it to Microsoft’s own experience of marketing and wondering, ?if Microsoft violates so many of these laws, why are we so successful?? Microsoft has a long history of attempting to ?extend? the ?Windows Brand? into other categories, one of the more severe […]

Seattle Public Library and RFID

I’ve finally been to the new, internationally acclaimed, Seattle Public Library. I’ve been a few times, checked out and returned books. Since everyone so far has offered glowing reviews, I’ll focus on the things I don’t like about the library. First, there are three elevators, and 10 or more floors. The elevators are the only […]

Using XML in Office 2003

Just announced on xml-dev, a new book co-authored by the “grandfather of XML” himself, Charles Goldfarb, which explains how to use XML within Office 2003. Topics include things like “Connecting to Web Services from a Spreasheet”, and the book covers InfoPath and Frontpage in addition to the other Office mainstays. Forward by Jean Paoli.

Baudolino: Umberto Eco

Just finished reading Baudolino, by Umberto Eco. It was good enough that I kept reading through to the end, but rather disappointing compared to The Name Of The Rose or Foucault’s Pendulum. Baudolino is a poor simple peasant who is picked up by a king and uses his wits to survive. The book is a […]