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Hulu: Candy on a Stick

News Corp and NBC’s joint venture now has a name, “Hulu”. It brings back the winter memories of street vendors in Beijing shouting out “Hulu! Huuuuu lu!  Bing Tang Hulu!”.  The little sing-song cry is as recognizable to Chinese kids as the good humor ice cream truck music here (If you hear ice cream truck […]

Anti-China Propaganda Orgy

The American news media is now fully in the grips of a bipartisan anti-China orgy of propaganda.  The collusion between parties is far more complete than anything I’ve ever seen in American media.  Every day, the crescendo gets worse.  Today I saw “specials” running on three different channels purporting to cover the “crisis” of dangerous […]

Flowers from America

If anyone ever asks you to send them flowers from America, because “if it’s from America it is more special”, don’t do it.  The idea that flowers can be more special based on some “branding” goes against 2000 years of tradition.  Flowers are special because they are beautiful and then they die.  Sticking in a […]

The 15th Wonder

Almost by accident recently, I found myself at what is surely the 15th wonder of the world, which I relate here for history.  Long after the world descends into nuclear winter, the remembrance of this place will inspire myths of toy heaven, labyrinths of many rooms, and santa claus. 30 years ago, YiWu China was […]