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Handwriting a Dying Art, Let’s Kill Truth Too

Purveyor of beauty Khoi Vinh laments the deteriorating state of his handwriting. I’ve noticed the same with my handwriting.  He and his readers draw the conclusion that beautiful writing is a casualty of technology.  I recently had a related insight, about technology’s impact on beauty in general. Tim Sneath recently helped the British Library digitize […]

Advice for Dealing with your Phone Company

 Sprint is now refusing service to customers who make too many support calls.  Verizon recently started shutting off people who use too much of the “unlimited” data plan.  In both cases, the phone company unilaterally changed the service policy without informing customers.  I would love to be able to unilaterally change the amount of money […]

Circumcise the Shechemites!

The U.N. is actually recommending that adult males in Africa be circumcised, and New York City is considering the same. This is astonishing, not only because it is wacky science, but because it is the quintessential 3,000 years-old example of wacky science. Basically, the U.N. did the work to show that men who were circumcised […]

Good Money after Bad

George: We must do something! If we don’t do something, we’ll die eventually! Nancy: Yes, if we don’t become immortal, we’ll die eventually. George: I’m looking for the fountain of youth. Nancy: That’s stupid.  You are always looking, abandoning your home, and you still haven’t found it. George: You have no plan!  Your plan would […]

I’m a liar too

Joel Spolsky demonstrates his exegetic prowess by analyzing a Gillmor missive. Gillmor himself is (mildly) criticizing Dave Winer, who was teeing off on Mark Lucovsky.  Both are riffing on points I made in my earlier commentary on Lucovsky, so I understand where they are coming from. Joel’s commentary is rather bizarre.  Paraphrased, he says “It […]