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Almost Perfect: Umbrella by Rihanna

The greatest love songs and poems are all hymns to Ishtar.  Popular love songs often use blunt psychological manipulation also (appeals to pleasant emotions, desire to be loved, etc.) but at their core they have one single universal theme.  The beauty is in expressing the theme indirectly, ambiguously, and hypnotically. The song “Umbrella” by Rihanna […]

Sounds Like iPod

In China, iPod is pronounced ai-po.  I never saw anyone using an iPod, but saw plenty of APPO and AIGO mp3 players.  The ads on TV look like Apple ads, too.

Frothy Bubble Chambers (the Tao of hot)

What do the following three recent phenomena have in common? Scoble lamenting the fact that it’s getting harder and harder for wannabe 2.0 stars to get noticed. Rose and Calcanis skirmishing over whether the taste-makers at Digg/Netscape should get paid in filthy lucre. NYT breathlessly reporting yet another centralized gambit to take over taste-making. All […]

Digg Humor

Now this is funny.  Reddit links to a digg story, planted to link back to the same reddit story.


The words “pimp” and “pimping” have become somewhat common, and I often hear people using them incorrectly.  Wikipedia is basically useless on this subject, so I am submitting my authoritative dissertation as a service to the world. For starters, “pimp” has largely fallen out of use as a term to describe a man who finds […]

Radio Hotness

I’m spending a week in Hot97 home territory, after spending a week in Power106 territory.  I make the comparison a couple of times per year, and still have to say that Hot97 is on top. For the people obsessed with the “long tail” of music production, and the power of outlets like iTunes to disintermediate […]

Friendster. What Went Wrong?

TechCrunch talking about Friendster, asking “what went wrong”? In my opinion, the question should be, “why did anyone expect it to increase in value?” The story of friendster illustrates several themes about Internet culture that I’ve talked about before: Social Behavior is Fickle – people hang out at a physical place, because it’s the place […]