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Jealous Scientists (Argument is a Whore and a Cuckold)

Every now and then on this blog, I poke fun at oversensitive “scientists” who are so wrapped up in the theology of science that they would greet Francis Bacon with Cartman-esqe screams of “RESPECT maaah authori-TAY!!!“ So I just love that “Nature’s Fundamental Laws May be Changing“.  To me, it is common sense.  Francis Bacon […]

Ruby, Rails, Box, and Gosling

Today Don is talking about Gosling’s anti-scripting rant. When Gosling wrote this, I found it rather “interesting”, since I had just finished having a similar debate with David (inventor of Ruby on Rails), and Anders (architect of .NET and C# among other things). David and Anders are both from Denmark, so they decided to hang […]

No Mr. Ballmer, You Cannot Have the Web

For the past couple of months, I have been heads-down organizing content for MIX06, a new conference to be held approximately 8 weeks from now. People might have rightly seen some indicators of a larger trend in deals with content owners like MTV, and carriers like Verizon. People might have seen the numbers showing how […]

Complex Navigation in Cities

I’ve blogged a few times about the London cabbies, and the potential to help people grow hippocampal neurons through use of simulated landmark navigation problems. The natural question for someone seeking to develop a therapeutic video game would be, “just what sort of map layout is best for neuronal activation?” This summary of recent research […]

We in the mood to fight

My daughter’s ballet recital yesterday featured music by Ying Yang Twins, 50 cent, and Moby. It was not that long ago that each of these acts were underground. This is a topic Dare blogged recently; calling out his favorite dirty south acts. I’ve followed the evolution of dirty south music since Master P and Silk […]

The Flipside of Identity

Yesterday, while discussing some of my favorite topics with someone, I argued that identity and semantic web are two sides of the same coin. This is a recurring theme in the 10^10 vision, and it turns out I’ve touched in the topic in this blog before. Oneperspective is that consistent identityis necessary forbroad implementation of […]

Spelunking my DNA

Well, the very first results from my DNA spelunking have arrived. So far I have received only Y-chromosome 12-marker test; much more detailed tests will be available over the next weeks. I was not surprised to confirm that I am haplotype R1b. One interestingfinding was in the ethnic origin of currently living people who are […]

The Web Outliner for OPML?

A couple of years ago, someone e-mailed me saying that they had taken my JavaScript Outliner (sample) and built a bunch of additional features into it. I would really like to try doing more of my outlining in a web browser now, and I like the Radio UI. However, I can no longer find the […]

Will Blogging help a Realtor?

Roland Tanglao is discussing the value of blogging for a Realtor. The realtor claims that there is no gain for realtors in blogging, even with high Google rank. When I looked at the Realtor’s site, I could see why he says that. I might go to a Star Trek convention with the guy (if I […]

Lost Some Comments

All blog comments postedin the past three years (since I switched to dasBlog/blogx) have been deleted. In an abortive attempt to combat comment spammers, I ran a script that determined that 100% of my comments were spam, and the upgrade to captcha failed anyway. I have backups of everything, but I don’t have time to […]