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Arnoldo Talisman and Shockin’ Nigerian Hip-Hop

Dave Winer is lamenting that it’s not too easy to find cheap/free firewood nearby.  He makes some great points.  Eric Schmidt of Google says it right; we are still in the infancy of this technology. But it’s getting better every day.  For years, I have been trying to locate information on UGO, a Nigerian rapper […]

Walk the Line

The Levi’s commercial covering ‘Walk the Line’ is presumably a light piece about young love, but it’s got an undercurrent of ‘suffocated love‘ that’s undeniable.  The phrase, “because you’re mine” has always been jarring to me.  I remember one woman I knew many years ago, who explained to me “I want to have a baby, because then […]


Ikea has something for everyone.  When we eat, I can get my comforting meatballs, potatoes, and cranberries.  My wife can get slimy sealife that has been pickled, preserved, ground up and smoked.   

Quick Snack?

I am pretty adventurous in what I eat.  However, there are still some “snacks” which my wife prepares that I refuse to eat.  Fish eggs, seaweed, special wasabi sauce, and brown rice vinegar.

Mommy, Daddy: Useless?

Daughter (exact quote, completely unprompted): “Why is it that the only job that isn’t very useful is working at Microsoft?” Mommy: “It is useful.  You know how doctors use computers to do their job better.  This way we can help more people.  You know, kids in other countries cannot even get shots to prevent diseases.” […]