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Eating Chinese Making you Ill?

Every few months, a Chinese employee will send an alarming e-mail to the thousands of Chinese employees at Microsoft, saying “I got sick at restaurant ‘X’, and they had 4 critical red health violations at their last inspection, so STAY AWAY!”  These people usually mean well, but tend to shout “fire” without looking line-by-line at the health inspection […]

Henry’s Hunan, San Francisco

Today for lunch, I decided to try Henry’s Hunan near SF MOMA. I wish I hadn’t. Seattle doesn’t have any authentic Hunan food, and I love spicy, so I try to get Hunan food when I’m in cities that have it. San Francisco has plenty of options in Chinatown, so I assumed that this place […]

Seoul Hot Pot Korean Restaurant

Yesterday we decided to try the newest restaurant close to Microsoft campus. The restaurant is a Korean place called “Seoul Hot Pot”, just down 152nd Avenue from building 42. (2560 152nd Ave NE, Redmond WA) Until last week, it was known as “Bar Shu”, and the sign hasn’t yet been changed. You can find it […]

A-Che Cuban Restaurant, Beijing

On any given day, there are usually a few people from my team, my wife’s team, or a team I work closely with visiting Beijing. When asked about good places to hang out and eat or drink, I always recommend A-Che Cuban Restaurant in Beijing’s embassy district. I have been several times, and go at […]

Green Village and Missing Scoble

How crazy is this? Last night we decided on a whim to head to Vancouver to pick up some stinky herbs from Tong Ren Tang (no 3 north of Westminster in Richmond). I immediately thought of one of our favorite bloggers up there, and although I knew his wife was nearing her due date, I […]

What’s Up at Noble Court?

Today a bunch of us had dimsum at Noble Court. For the many years we’ve been going, it has been the one of the best dimsum places in Seattle. However, something has changed within the last month. Today the calamari and shu mai were undeniably different, and other dishes had slight changes. Definitely not the […]

Sometimes a Dream is Just a Dream

About two months ago, I had a very vivid dream of losing a molar. In the dream, the tooth fell out and broke into multiple pieces. Losing a tooth in a dream is often a symbol of changes and growing in your life, and I thought of the dream in that context. When you are […]