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Myhrvold’s Terrorism Paper

Nathan Myrhvold released a lengthy paper analyzing the technological nature of terrorism and critiquing the American strategy of counterterrorism thus far. I particularly liked his Richter-scale for ranking potential threats. In his paper, Myrvhold suggests a far more proactive policy of investment in counterterrorism R&D. He concludes by stating that, in the likely event that […]

Welcome Home Jon!

[via Jeff] Jon Udell is joining our team at Microsoft.  I’m surprised that none of the people I told about this leaked it before now It’s a shame that he felt the need to defend against appearances of “selling out”.  Let’s hope that’s the last time he feels that way.  Anyone who’s followed him over the […]

Can Microsoft Innovate?

WSJ is running a debate between two of my favorite people, Dave Winer and Robert Scoble.  We gave Dave “firewood as a function of distance and price” before he even asked for it, but I actually don’t disagree with much of what he or Scoble say. On the other hand, I agree with Dave’s assertion that […]

AaronSw Sellout?

Reddit, the one company that would never sell out, has sold out.  Aaron was the guy who gave them their “indie cred”, and he’s trying hard to maintain that cred.  Right now, he’s experiencing the angst of realizing that money doesn’t buy happiness.  But that will pass when Wired bids up Reddit’s attention to pull 10x […]

E.O. Wilson at Microsoft

I recently read Ridley’s The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, as a follow-on to Dunbar’s Grooming, Gossip and the Evolution of Language.  Between the two books, E.O. Wilson came to visit Microsoft campus and talk about one of his many works, The Creation : a Meeting of science and Religion. It […]

Hammering Thumbs

Blake Ross talks about how the old Netscape Browser was one big WTF.  His post led me to one of the old Netscape devs (everyone knows jwz) claiming that, “to a database person, every nail looks like a thumb.” It’s lovely, because it’s in the same post claiming that you would be crazy to use […]

VCs and Taint

Dare has an interesting post on the way that VCs are now bragging about how they steer clear of anywhere Google might go.  I’ve noticed that VCs often think in “big dog”, “Moneyball”, “old boy” terms, so it’s not surprising.  That’s the challenge for Umair; he covers all of the same topics as the VCs, […]

When Privacy is Bad: In Defense of Google

As much as I love to see people questioning Google’s stewardship of “all the world’s information”, I have to defend Google on this one.  An anonymous poster claiming to be from MSFT is over on a Google blog –using the AOL data leak as a way to smear Google.  That’s just plain wrong; and in the context of […]

Digg Humor

Now this is funny.  Reddit links to a digg story, planted to link back to the same reddit story.


GigaOM is now a full-time job, meaning that Om will be blessing us with higher volume of his incisive analyses.  It is a wonderful thing; people pay lots of money for the kind of insights he offers.  The only problem is that it now becomes a full time job for his readers to digest all […]