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More Jingoist H1B Politics

USA Today, Fox News, and others are running blindly with the US government propaganda campaign, “Chinese Spying on the Rise!”  The message you are supposed to get is that “all Chinese high-tech workers in USA are spies”.  This is part of the ongoing battle of the politicians to kick out anyone with education and talent, […]

H1-B Visa Politics

Senators Durban and Grassley are now sounding the alarm over H1-B Visa applications, claiming that big evil Indian outsourcing firms are scamming the system to move American jobs overseas. Sorry, but I don’t buy their reasoning.  The facts are laid out in the most prejudiced manner possible, and even then the numbers don’t add up […]

Lessons Learned from Truemors Failure

Truemors launched yesterday, and the blogosphere is already analyzing “what went wrong”.  Although the name sounds like a combination between “tumors” and “tremors”, it’s too early to declare it a failure.  The world needs another place to leak Apple secrets, and the voting feature will help moderate impact of hoaxes like the Engadget “scoop” yesterday.  […]

Open Sourcing Flex

Last week I bumped into Ted Leung at a party near Moscone in San Francisco.  Since he wasn’t attending the conference, and he normally works from home here in the Northwest, I assumed he was doing something interesting.  He wouldn’t give me many details, and I figured he would blog about it soon.  Turns out […]

Bloggers Other Cheek

Bill O’Reilly today is bragging that he forced John Edwards to fire two bloggers who said bad things about Christians.  The other reporters say that the bloggers resigned on their own, but O’Reilly seems intent on proving that he’s a powerful man and not to be messed with.  Apparently the notoriously lecherous and sexist O’Reilly has now coronated himself […]

Intel Chip Fab: Goodbye Silicon Dioxide

Let’s give this video some link love.  I liked the Bad Sinatra video better, but this is newsworthy. Valleywag got the details wrong, twisted and distorted the truth.  Why is everyone still hating on Scoble?  70 interviews with CEOs in 6 months.  That’s incredible.  It’s like a crash course in Silicon Valley business.  Valleywag should partner with […]

Brier Still Doesn’t

When everyone beat me up for speaking the truth about pretexting, I argued that “it wasn’t clearly illegal when Dunn did it”.  I was, like many others, assuming that the hasty California law passage would take hold. Who would have thought?  The law flopped.  It’s still not clearly illegal. OK, we know that Brier doesn’t pretext, […]

Yahoo! Peanut Butter?

Everyone is chattering about the Yahoo! Peanut Butter Manifesto.  Every BigCo has problems of overlap, lack of accountability, and people who think those problems are worse or better than they really are. In this case, though, I’m a bit confused by the memo.  Everyone knows that Flickr and Delicious are tiny compared to the competing Yahoo! […]

Due Credit

Don Park, you should know better!  Don comments on the “Add Live Search to Your Site” announce, saying “better late than never”, and “nice reactive move”.  Does he really think that we saw Google’s announce, and then real quick-like, implemented the feature and shipped it in response? The fact is, both we and Google were […]

Defending Dunn

Now Scoble is demanding that the entire HP board resign.  I love how people are backtracking now that it looks like Perkins and the others stink a lot worse than Dunn.  Scoble is lamenting the death of the “HP way”.  Was the “HP way” the completely irrational (and overtly offensive) way that the old boys […]