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I’ll be at PDC

Since my current team owns PDC, I’ll be in LA from Sep 12-16. I’m hoping to hook up with as many old friends as possible. You can find me at any of the IE events, or send me an e-mail if you want to try hooking up elsewhere at the conference.

Detroit Chemical Plant Explosion

The blogosphere is way behind the MSM in reporting the explosions at the Detroit chemical plant. The location is not that far from DTW airport. My first thought was of Detroit’s Bhopal (well, mostly steel, but still some chemicals), Zug Island. It’s the year 2005, and there is even a musical group of relative notoriety […]

Defending Alaska

Omar has been slamming Alaska Airlines over on his blog, joined by Dvorak. I have been guilty of slamming particular airlines on this blog, and will spend lots of money to avoid flying United or Northwest, so I think he has every right to do this. But I want to counter his criticism of Alaska […]

Seattle Accent

There is apparently a debate about whether the Northwest has its own accent. It’s surprising that there is even a debate. If you talk to anyone who grew up in this area; especially the non-urban outskirts, you can immediately tell — and the accent is definitely different from California and Canada. I think the reason […]

Decibel Festival

Now that Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival (DEMF/Movement) is officially in trouble, the local Detroit scene is struggling, and three generations of Detroit talent have moved to Europe; there is no reason not to try having our own ?Northwest Electronic Music Festival? here in Seattle. Next Saturday, the first annual Decibel Festival hosts some of the […]

China Traffic Deaths

[Marginal Revolution] Every day, 300 people die in traffic accidents in China. While this is the highest rate of traffic deaths in the world, it is remarkably low when all things are considered. Admittedly, the traffic in China is horrendous, and nobody pays attention to traffic signals; but that is not really the issue. You […]

Seattle Snowed In

We flew into Seattletwo nights ago, and found that everything had been blanketed with snow. For the first time since moving to Seattle, I had to get out and shovel the driveway before I could get the car to the garage. The snowy weather has continued through today, and is supposed to get worse through […]

Tips for SkyTrain at Newark Airport

Many people have horror stories about riding the SkyTrain at Newark Airport. It has a tendency to get stuck between stations, or to lock customers in and shuttle them around endlessly like cows in a claustrophobic boxcar. Here are my tips: The attendants can’t really help you. They can radio ahead to have the software […]